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Mask Policy Update

Dear DCP Families, After prayerful consideration, consultation among staff and in agreement with NPC, our host church, we issue the following policy revision: (Effective 2-28,2022) Masks are no longer required at school for students, staff or parents. If you send your child in a mask, we will encourage them to use it properly. As educators at this time, we believe that the risks outweigh the benefits. Early childhood is a crucial time for so many areas of development. Masks hinder social emotional as well as speech and language development. Please note that all of our staff is vaccinated. We will continue to take temperatures at the door. If your child has any symptoms within a 24 hour period, you must keep them home until fully recovered. Additionally, if your child requires medication prior to school, they cannot attend. Please call and inform us regarding all absences. Only students and staff are allowed in our classrooms and bathrooms.  We will continue to follow our strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols and do our utmost to ensure the safest possible environment.

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