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OCC Regulations

*From the Maryland Department of Education Division of Early Childhood

Developement Office of Child Care


Child Care Centers


The center director and staff members who have group supervision responsibilities must meet minimum education, experience and training qualifications. They must also meet continued training requirements each year.


The director and all paid center employees must complete a criminal background check, a child abuse/neglect clearance, and submit a medical evaluation.


In each classroom, staff/child ratios and maximum group size requirements must be maintained at all times. The following table shows basic age groupings and the applicable requirements:


- 3 – 4 years/ ratio 1:10/ maximum 20

- 5 years and older/ ratio: 1:15/ maximum 30

- For every 20 children present, there must be at least one staff member who is currently certified in first aid and CPR.



Child Care Centers Must Meet the Following Requirements:


- Have the approval of OCC, the fire department and other local agencies.

- Provide care only in the areas approved for use.

- Have license posted and visible to parents.

- At all times each child must be supervised in an age appropriate manner

- The classrooms must be clean, well lit and ventilated and comfortable temperature.

- Food must be served, stored and prepared in a safe and healthful manner.

- The facility must offer a daily program with inside and outside activities appropriate for the age, needs and capability of each child.

- Current emergency medical forms must be on file for each child.

- Emergency plans are posted and drills conducted monthly.

- Discipline procedures must be appropriate and may not include infliction of physical or emotional pain. Corporal punishment is prohibited.



Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Child Care Consumer


You have the right to:


- Expect that the care your child receives meets the standards set by MD child care regulations. (Available online at:

- Visit the facility without prior notice any time your child is there;

- Give written permission before any medication may be administered to your child;

- Be notified immediately of any serious injury or accident. If your child has a non-serious injury or accident, you must be notified on the same day;

- File a complaint with OCC if you believe that the caregiver has violated child care regulations. Any complaint you make to OCC about the care your child is receiving will be promptly investigated. 

- Review the public portion of the licensing file for the facility where your child is or has been enrolled, or where you are considering enrolling your child.



How Do I File a Complaint?


If you wish to file a complaint, contact the OCC Regional Office in Montgomery County at 240-314-1400. Complaints may be filed anonymously. The OCC office will investigate your complaint to determine if licensing regulations have been violated. If you need additional help, you may contact the main office: 


Program Manager, Licensing Branch

MSDE Office of Child Care

200 West Baltimore Street, 10th Floor

Baltimore, MD 21101


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